312 S

Βραχίονας ευθύγραμμου τύπου με αποσπώμενο shell κεφαλής από μαγνήσιο Ενεργό Μήκος 12’’
Ενεργή Μάζα:  14.0 gr, δυνατότητα ανάρτησης κεφαλής βάρους 7.0 - 19.0 gr
Μοναδική χυτοπρεσαριστή κατασκευή από κράμα αλουμινίου και μαγνησίου
Ρύθμιση ακριβείας του Anti-skate
Ρυθμιζόμενο ύψος VTA, και ρύθμιση με ειδική γράμμωση ένδειξης παραλληλισμού
Ρύθμιση ακριβείας του HTA (γωνία ανάγνωσης)
Μικρομετρικό σύστημα τοποθέτησης καθώς και κλειδώματος του επιθυμητού βάρους ανάγνωσης
Έδραση και κίνηση όλων των μερών με ρουλεμάν υψηλής ακριβείας

Ανήκει στη σειρά: Series 312S

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The 12in pressure die-cast magnesium construction takes advantage of the reduction in maximum tracking error/distortion afforded by the greater arm length when compared with 9in models.

Unique pressure die-cast magnesium shell detachable and interchangeable without disturbing cartridge or wiring.

Design of headshell clamping ensures a rigid junction with the tone-arm.

Internal constrained layer damps minute residual vibrations making tone-arm acoustically inert.

Stainless steel cross shaft, ground and thread ground. Carried in massive yoke on 10mm precision ball races. Axes at record mean level to minimise warp-wow.

Unique assembly gives high rigidity and allows bearings to be critically adjusted before the tone-arm is fitted.

Stainless steel vertical shaft, ground and thread ground, with integral 16mm diameter flange to couple shaft and yoke.

23mm diameter steel pillar, heat treated, ground and honed, carries two 17mm precision ball races, widely spaced to resist tilt.

Anti-skate control operates through tension spring and filament. Dial calibrated to correspond with VTF and has positive OFF position.

Lowering/raising control gives smooth positive action. Height of lift can be adjusted.

Dual-lock base provides movement control with high rigidity.

Tungsten-alloy balance weight carried on two-point suspension. Extra-low inertia design assists warp riding.

Underslung weight housing corrects centre of gravity and provides non-reflective tone-arm termination.

Swivelling, damped output socket minimises vibration transmission in sub-chassis use.

Reference lines on tone-arm facilitate VTA setting.

Fine adjustment of horizontal tracking angle (HTA).

Alignment protractor designed to provide HTA setting with greater accuracy.

Cartridge leads and internal wiring in Silver litz.

Balanced Silver-hybrid audio lead with gold plated phono plugs