170i transport

Σύστημα προσαρμογής και λειτουργίας iPod σε High End Audio
Eξοδοι Audio:    
1 x Digital S/PDIF Coax (RCA)
1 x Analog Unbalanced (2 x RCA)
Εξοδοι Video:    
1 x Component
1 x S/Video
Ασύρματο τηλεχειριστήριο

Δείτε το προϊόν στην ιστοσελίδα του κατασκευαστή

Digital audio signals can be processed without the additive losses and distortion found in analog processing. This loss of resolution is caused by analog circuitry and connectors in a signal path. The 170iTransport bypasses the digital to analog conversion and analog output stage from the iPod. By providing a pure digital audio output from your iPod, the 170iTransport enables performance that is only limited by the resolution of the audio files stored on your iPod, and the overall quality of your audio system. In other words, the 170iTransport makes it possible to achieve true audiophile performance from your iPod.

Digital Output:
1 S/PDIF Coax (RCA)

Analog Outputs:
1 pair of Unbalanced (RCA)

Video Outputs:
1 set of Component Outputs
1 S/Video Output

Power Consumption:
6 Watts

2.42 kg

Dimensions (HWD):
6.85 x 20.32 x 20.32 cm

Finish Options:
Silver Anodized Aluminum