810 Reference Video System

The 810 Reference Video System consists of two parts: a powerful 10 megapixel (4096 x 2400) Ultra High Definition projector, unique in the home theatre industry, and a powerful scaler featuring powerful technology that upscales SD and HD sources to this stunning level of resolution for a smooth, flicker-free, cinematic experience. Indeed, the 810 system surpasses even industry Digital Cinema specifications, delivering a level of picture quality that is virtually never experienced outside a film-studio's preview theatre.

Precisely calibrated at Meridian’s dedicated facilities over a period of four days using exclusive calibration technology developed by William Phelps, the projector features separate calibration for SD and HD sources. A series of high performance interchangeable lenses is available: short, medium and long-throw package systems include a motorised 2.35:1 (Cinemascope®) anamorphic lens; a very short-throw package is available for back-projection and simulator applications. The projector is designed to be mounted remotely and is controlled entirely from the scaler via RS232 and a comprehensive on-screen GUI.

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Display device
Aspect ratio 17:10 (Approx.)
Display size (diagonal) 1.27”
Effective Resolution 4096 x 2400

PKI Xenon
Output up to 4000 lumens/825W
Power output determined by calibration process for the application
Accumulated lamp time counter and lamp replacement warning

Projection Lenses
Several lens options available from very short throw (back-projection) to long throw
Anamorphic 2.35:1 (Cinemascope®) capability

Optical system
ON/OFF contrast 10,000:1 (typical)
ANSI contrast 300:1 (typical)
Peripheral brightness > 80%

Installation capability
Vertical ±90 degrees
Horizontal ±5 degrees
Noise level <45dB(A)

System features
Associated 810 scaler accepts RGB480i–1080p 24/48/50/60
Direct DVI inputs for 4k x 2k native
Low-delay mode
Display resolution 4096 x 2400

Up to 4 DVI
RS232 (for control)

Input 100–120V, 200–240VAC Single-phase, 50/60Hz
Max current <15A
Power Consumption <1,500W
Power Consumption (Standby) <2.7W

Physical characteristics
Dimensions 663 x 793 x 342-362 mm W D H (including lens and foot)
Mass: Net 59kg Gross 69kg
Operation Environment (Temperature): +10°C – +35°C
Operation Environment (Humidity): Less than 80% (No condensation)
Storage Temperature: –5°C – +60°C