Lift SI - 100

The projector lift SI-100 is a versatile and innovative product that enables the installation of projectors
in environments where particular aesthetical solutions are needed.
The product has been developed to be installed inside false ceilings in order to hide projector, lift and cables,
thus granting the best aesthetic and practical solution.
The SI-100 is supplied with an extremely SILENT motor that allows a descent from a minimum of 16 cm. to
a maximum of 90 cm.

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Power Supply 220-230 V 50 HZ
Maximum Consumption 156 W
Torque 10 Nm
Motor Speed 17 Rpm
Dimensions Lift Closed 576x160x550 (WxHxD in mm.)
Dimensions Lift Opened 576x960x550 (WxHxD in mm.)
Dimensions Lift Opened including fixing 576x1244x550 (WxHxD in mm.)
system for the panel of the false ceiling
Grille Total Dimensions 410x450 (WxD in mm.)
Grille Internal Dimensions 350x450 (WxD in mm.)
Maximum Capacity 15 KG.
Net Weight Of The Projector Lift 12 KG.
Cable Gathering System (internal dimensions) 20x18 (WxH in mm.)