52 inches

Projection System
Technology DLP® - 1-chip DMD DDR DarkChip® - 12° LVDS
DMD Panel Resolution  
- SDV52C U270/271HBD - SDV52C U370HBD 1024x768 (XGA)
- SDV52C U291HBD - SDV52C U301HBD 1400x1050 (SXGA+)
Aspect Ratio (W:H) 4:3
- SDV52C U270/271HBD 950 ANSI lm (100% white field @8000°K)
- SDV52C U291HBD 1000 ANSI lm (100% white field @8000°K)
- SDV52C U301HBD >1000 ANSI lm (100% white field @8000°K)
- SDV52C U370HBD >950 ANSI lm (100% white field @8000°K)
Uniformity >80% ANSI measurement
Contrast Ratio  
- SDV52C U270/271HBD >1000:1 “full on/full off”
- SDV52C U291HBD and SDV52C U301HBD >2000:1 “full on/full off”
- SDV52C U370HBD 1000:1 “full on/full off”
Colour n° 16,777,216 colours
Colour temperature  
- SDV52C U270/271HBD 6000°K - 9000°K adjustable, 3500°K reachable
- SDV52C U291HBD-SDV52C U301HBD-SDV52C U370HBD 6500°K- 12000°K adjustable, 3500°K reachable
Lamp VIP 150-132W dimmable
Average life  
- SDV52C U270/271HBD, SDV52C U291HBD 6.000hrs* @150W (50% survival @50% integral lm maintenance) 10.000hrs* dimmed @132W
- SDV52C U301HBD-SDV52C U370HBD 6.000 hours* (x2) (50% survival @50% integral lm maintenance), 10.000 hours* (x2) in a 132W configuration.
Screen Assembly  
Diagonal size 52”(approx. 1320mm)
Width x Height 1057mm x 792 mm
Frame width <0,3 mm
Screen Type 2 – element refractive screen; Fresnel lens + lenticular Black Bead™
Mirror front surface, reflectivity >94%

Horizontal Frequency 15KHz-110 KHz
Vertical Frequency 48KHz-120 KHz
Analog Bandwidth 170 MHz @-3dB for graphic signals; 8 MHz @-2dB for Video signals
Graphic Standards from VGA (640x480) to UXGA (1600x1200) with internal scaling.
Video Standard Automatic recognition and decoding; PAL, NTSC, SECAM. Internal motion-adaptive deinterlacing
Internal magnification from 0,75x to 16x.

Input signals
Graphic Inputs  
- 1 x RGB + HV(or YprPb) on 75 ohm BNC connectors.  
- 1 x RGB + HV on HD15 connector.  
Video Inputs  
- 1 x CVBS + S (in/out) on 75 ohm BNC connectors.  
- 1 x S-VIDEO (in/out) on mini DIN4 connectors ATSC HDTV is also supported on BNC or HD15 or DVI connectors  
DVI Input / Output:Analog RGBHV (or YprPb) + DigitalRGB  
Control interface: Serial Interface RS232C or RS485 on DB9 in/out connectors or USB (on request) for control from a remote PC; IR remote control handset (on request).  

Electrical Data
Main Power supply 100 Vac – 240Vac +/- 10%; Line Frequency 48-62 Hz
Power consumption Max 190 W (195 Kcal/h)
Max Current Absorption @ 120V 1,5 Arms @ 240V: 0,8 Arms
Max inrush current 30A
Fuse T3, 15A H, 5x20 mm, located on rear-projector

Mechanical Data
Package Dimension  
SDV52C U270/271HBD and SDV52C U291HBD  
- Cube 1090x1290x680 mm (WxHxD)
- Screen 2 screen box 1205x1035x425 mm (WxHxD)
- Engine 412x290x412 mm (WxHxD)
SDV52C U301HBD - SDV52C U370HBD  
- Cube 1090x1290x680 mm (WxHxD)
- Screen: 2 screen box 1205x1035x425 mm (WxHxD)  
- Engine: 629x385x423 mm (WxHxD)  
Net weight  
- SDV52C U270/271HBD and SDV52C U291HBD 84 Kg (cube complete)
- SDV52C U301HBD - SDV52C U370HBD: 87,5 Kg (cube complete)  
Gross weight  
- SDV52C U270/271HBD and SDV52C U291HBD 95,5 Kg (cube) + 84,5 Kg (2 screens box) + 10,5 Kg (engine)
99 Kg (cube) + 84,5 Kg (2 screens box) + 13,5 Kg (engine)  
Exhaust Air 48 °C (@ 35°C environment)

Environmental Data
Ambient Temperature Operating from 0° to +35°C using proper basement and VideoWall frame, storage and transportation from -10°C to +55°C
Humidity from 10% HR to 90% HR (without condensation) using proper basement and VideoWall frame
Max Altitude Operating 4000; Transport 11000m
Installation Position vertical, max number of stackable units 4 (without support stucture)

Safety and Regulatory Data
Drop test in compliance with UNI EN 22247 and 22248
Safety in compliance with EN 60950
EMC - Immunity in compliance with EN 55024
EMC - Emission in compliance with EN 55022