Gray black elegant and graceful design, with modern fashion

Desktop is easy to move and install, even easy to increase or decrease microphone units

With voice control ability,the voice can turn on microphone, it does not need to press the microphone button by hand

With a big LCD display, it can show congressional information and status of equipment

With hi-fi built-in loudspeaker, when microphone is turned on, the built-in loudspeaker closes automatically to avoid feedback.

One Φ3.5mm stereo interface for earphone, and the volume can be adjusted

One Φ3.5mm stereo interface for outside microphone

System with function of automatic restoration, support “PnP”(Plug-and Play)

Chairman unit has priority to speak, it can close/ temporarily muting the delegate unit

Super powers of anti-electromagnetic and mobile phone interference

Microphone rods can be taken down during the recess, easy to maintain

Humanization design. There is different length MIC rods to choose, it is suitable for different height attendances

Directional microphones with red indicator for turning on

Connect to camera can realize the function of camera auto-tracking

Ανήκει στη σειρά: Fully Digital Discussion System

Δείτε το προϊόν στην ιστοσελίδα του κατασκευαστή

Power supply  DC24V supplied by the control host

Intercommunication    DIN 8-pole

Power consumption    3W

Loudspeaker power    1.2W

Transducer type          Electret condenser

Directional pattern      Cardioid

SNR    > 80dB

Crosstalk attenuation at 1k Hz           > 80dB

Distortion        <0.10%

Frequency response     60~12KHz

Equivalent noise          ≈20dB SPL

Maximum SPL            105dB(3% threshold)

Sensitivity       -22dBv/Pa