Media Core 600

Ψηφιακό σύστημα που συνδέεται σε οποιονδήποτε controller της επιλογής σας (iPad, iPhone, computer ή Sooloos controller) για την αποθήκευση και αναπαραγωγή μουσικής. Δυνατότητα αποθήκευσης έως 4 ΤΒ, Audio Connections (x6 zones): 1x Meridian SpeakerLink (RJ45), 1x S/PDIF coaxial digital output, RCA type, 1 pair Analogue stereo (RCA type) 2v P-P or variable level, Meridian House Sync In and Out (RJ45) για συγχρονισμό πολλαπλών μονάδων συνδεδεμένων σε αλυσίδα, Expansion Panel: 1x Ethernet (RJ45) network connection, 2x USB expansion connectors, Ultra-stable clock για χαμηλότερο δυνατό θόρυβο, “Apodising” upsampling filter, υποστηρίζει Internet Radio και Rhapsody.

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Audio Connections (x6 zones)
1x Meridian SpeakerLink (RJ45)
1x S/PDIF coaxial digital output, RCA type
1 pair Analogue stereo (RCA type) 2v P-P or variable level.

Meridian House Sync
Meridian House Sync In and Out (RJ45) for daisy-chain synchronisation of multiple units

Expansion Panel
1x Ethernet (RJ45) network connection
2x USB expansion connectors
Other sockets in the rear panel expansion section are not used

Supplied with 2x 2TB drives configured as a RAID 1 system

Rear panel power switch
Front panel back-lit on/off button

Audio Processing
Ultra-stable clock for lowest possible jitter
“Apodising” upsampling filter for ultimate digital performance
Individual zones may be configured to output high or standard sample rates

Power button LED illuminates blue during startup and shudown; white when operating.
Six front-panel LEDs indicating as follows:
1 ERROR On=boot failure, flashing=drive mount failure.
2 TEMP On=product overheating
3 CPU On=CPU is running at greater than 80% usage.
4 RAID1 On=raid marked drive as failed.
5 RAID2 On=raid marked drive as failed.
6 ETHERNET On=Ethernet cable is not detected
If RAID1 and RAID2 LEDs are toggling, one of the drives is being restored to – ie a single new drive has been inserted with an existing working drive.
If ERROR is On and LEDs 2-6 are toggling, the drives are being initialized with a new filesystem. i.e. two new drives have been inserted.

Mains operation, universal voltage power supply

12.5 kg (27.5 lbs)

440 x 185 x 350mm (18 x 7.3 x 13.8in) not including rear connectors or racking ears (WHD)

Bead-blasted, anodised, natural silver aluminium.