Media Source 600

Ψηφιακό σύστημα που συνδέεται σε οποιοδήποτε σύστημα Meridian Sooloos παρέχοντας πρόσβαση στις βιβλιοθήκες πολυμέσων και στις υπηρεσίες Internet και Rhapsody για τη ζώνη για την οποία χρησιμοποείται, Είσοδοι: 1x Ethernet Network Connection (RJ45), 1x USB, Έξοδοι: 1χ Meridian SpeakerLink connector (RJ45), 1χ Analogue stereo unbalanced (phono), 1χ Analogue stereo balanced (XLR3M), 1χ Digital S/PDIF coax, 0dB fixed (phono), 1χ Trigger out (3.5mm jack), Ultra-stable clock για χαμηλότερο δυνατό θόρυβο, “Apodising” upsampling filter, ενδεικτικά LED στην μπροστινή οθόνη

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Ethernet Network Connection (RJ45)
USB maintenance port
IR in (3.5mm jack)

Meridian SpeakerLink connector (RJ45)
Analogue stereo unbalanced (phono)
Analogue stereo balanced (XLR3M)
Digital S/PDIF coax, 0dB fixed (phono)
Trigger out (3.5mm jack)

Audio Processing
Ultra-stable clock for lowest possible jitter
“Apodising” upsampling filter for ultimate digital performance

Via Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System
Fully compatible with Sooloos iPhone®/iPad® application (available free from Apple® App Store)
Acts as a single zone
Configuration via web page

Bead-blasted aluminium enclosure with inlaid top logo
Black glass front panel
Rack-mount “ears” included

440 x 60 x 350 mm / 17.3 x 2.4 x 13.8 in (WHD) inc feet
Weight 4.5 kg / 10 lb

Front display
On/standby button illuminates blue in standby, white when on
Six front-panel diagnostic LEDs indicate status during startup and are normally off when running

Universal voltage internal power supply