598 DP

DVD, DVD/VIDEO, DVD/AUDIO, CD, VCD, MP3. 24bit /192KHz, RS2321, MSR2  Video output: Composite S-VHS, Component, Progressive with BNC, Audio output: Digital out μέσω MHR Smart Link

Ανήκει στη σειρά: Meridian 500

Formats: DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, DVD-R; Video CD (VCD), CVCD, MP3; CD Audio (CD-DA) including CD-R and the CD layer of hybrids such as CD+ and CD/DVD (DVD+).

Audio outputs: Optional MHR Smart Link digital output. 15 Pin ‘D’ type connector and 3 x coax.

Optional 6-channel analogue output on phonos. 2V/47W.
1 x auxiliary digital coax.
1 x auxiliary optical TOSLINK – only on models with analogue outputs.

Video features: Automatic PAL or NTSC encoding on Composite and S-Video.
NTSC black-level setup adjustable as 0 or 7.5IRE. 16:9 and 4:3 displays supported. Screen saver timeout.

Standard out: Composite, S-Video and Component (Y, Cr, Cb,) video on BNC connectors.

Progressive out:As standard video out plus Progressive (480P) output on

Component video (Y, Cr, Cb,) for NTSC.

SCART out: SCART socket provides Composite, S-Video and RGB. Also features Function Select plus aspect ratio trigger.

Controls: Front-panel controls for Open/Close, Play, Stop, Pause, Previous, Next and Off.

Full RS232 control and status enables custom integration or automation.

Front Display: 12 character display. Indicator lights for DVD, CD, MLP and repeat.

On-screen: Switchable custom On-Screen Display allows instant review of disc status. Screen saver with user timeout options. Logo screen with pluge bars enables brightness setting of display device.

Dimensions: 88mm (3.46in) H, 321 (12.64) W, 332 (13.07) D. Weight 6.4kg (14lbs).

Power: Universal supply 100–240V, 50–60Hz, 25W.