Surround Controller developed from the acclaimed 861 surround processor
Meridian Room Correction system counteracts room resonances
AM/FM Tuner with RDS and powerful DSP features
Digital, analogue balanced/unbalanced and video options
Powerful DSP engine with six processors delivering 900MIPS
6-channel analogue & digital inputs plus USB in Revised design, with new features

Ανήκει στη σειρά: G Series

Digital (S/PDIF) Input: 4 x optical in, 6 coax stereo in, 2 x 6-ch MHR coax inAnalogue Input: 5 x stereo, 1 x 6-ch analogue in, unbalancedTuner: AM (Long/Medium Wave, 150–285/525–1605 kHz); FM (VHF Band II, 87.5–108 MHz), sensitivity 2.0μv. Configurable channel spacing & emphasis for US/EUR/ Japan, etc. DSP-based FM stereo width/blend reduces noise on weak signals; AM whistle filter, LPFZone2/Tape/Zone3 Audio: 2 x analogue audio out, 2 x digital out. BNC Meridian CommsComms: 2 x Meridian Comms (DIN) Trigger, IR in, USB, RS232 remote control/configuration

Analogue/Digital Output: 10-channel digital out w/MHR (5 x phono); 8 channels of analogue out Primary Video: 2 x S-Video out, 4 x S-Video in, 2 x composite out, 4 x composite inComponent Video I/O: 1 x component video out, 3 x component video in (phono); Trigger 2, 3; 1 x additional optical digital inA/V multi-zone (replaces Audio zone output): 2 x S-Video out, 2 x composite video out, 2 x analogue audio out, 2 x digital out. BNC Meridian Comms.

Processing: 5 x Motorola 56367s running at 150MHz to give a total of approx. 750MIPS (million instructions per second). 48-bit arithmetic throughout.

Conversion: 24-bit Sigma-Delta converter chips operating at up to 96 kHz on analogue inputs and outputs

Analogue ins: 0.5–2.5Vrms adjustable, input impedance 20kΩ

Analogue outs: Variable between 0 and 3.5Vrms, output impedance 47Ω. Distortion <0.01%. Noise & hum <-95dB CCIR

Controls: Front-panel soft keys include control of Source, Copy, Mute, etc. Power and Display buttons, rotary DSP volume control. Full remote control via MSR+, serial. Serial link also used for firmware updates. Config via serial or front panel. 12V trigger(s) as listed left

Display: Multi-character dot-matrix Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Indicators: Front-panel keys back-illuminated; Standby button lit when off

Formats: Include Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG Surround, THX Ultra 2, THX Surround EX and more

DSP Modes: Include Direct, Music, Trifield, Ambisonics, Super Stereo, Music Logic, THX, Mono, Discrete, TV Logic, Digital, Digital THX, DTS, DTS THX, DTS Music, MPEG, MPEG THX, MPEG Music, ProLogic IIx Music, ProLogic IIx Movie, ProLogic IIx THX, Cinema. Meridian Room Correction, and more

Power: Universal supply 100–240V, 50–60Hz, 25W

Construction: Meridian black or silver finish in metal & glass

Dimensions: Width: 440mm (17.32in); Depth: 350mm (13.78in) plus connectors; Height: 132mm (5.2in)

Rack Mounting: Kit available from Meridian authorized dealers

Weight: 10kg (22lbs)