Surround Controller        
Analogue audio inputs - 1x six-channel, 5x 2 channel (confugurable)
Digital audio inputs - 2x six-channel MHR SmartLink (configurable), 6x coaxial, 5x optical, 1x USB
Audio outputs - 8 channels SpeakerLink, 8 channels analogue single ended

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Digital Inputs: USB Audio; 4x Toslink Optical; 12x S/PDIF: D1–D6 can be configured as 2x six-channel digital inputs with Meridian SmartLink.
Analogue Stereo Inputs: 8x phono; A1–A3 can be configured as a 6-channel analogue input. Unbalanced, 0.5–2.5Vrms adjustable, input impedance 20kΩ

Digital outputs (8x SpeakerLink RJ45): L, R, C, Sub, Side L, Side R, Rear L, Rear R
Analogue outputs (phono): Main L, Main R, Rear L, Rear R, Centre, Sub; LZ, RZ (configurable), variable 0–3.5Vrms, output impedance 47Ω. Distortion <0.01%. Noise & hum <-95dB CCIR

2x DIN & 1x BNC Meridian Comms, 3x Trigger (+12v, 100mA), IR in, USB, RS232 remote control/configuration

5 x Motorola 56367s and a 56371 running at 150MHz to give a total of 900MIPS (million instructions per second). 48-bit arithmetic throughout

24-bit Sigma-Delta converter chips operating at up to 96 kHz on analogue inputs and outputs

Front-panel soft keys include control of Source, Mute, etc. Power and Display buttons, rotary DSP volume control.
Full remote control via MSR+ and serial. Serial and USB link also used for firmware updates. Config via serial/USB or front panel

Multi-character matrix Vacuum Fluorescent Display

Front-panel keys back-illuminated; Standby button lit when off

Include AAC, Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG Surround

DSP Modes
Include Direct, Music, Trifield, Ambisonics (2-ch UHJ & B-Format), Super Stereo, Music Logic, THX, Mono, Discrete, TV Logic, ProLogic IIx Music, ProLogic IIx Movie, ProLogic IIx THX, Cinema and up to 10 user-defined. Built-in Meridian Room Correction.

Universal supply 100–240V, 50–60Hz, 25W

Meridian black or silver finish in metal & glass

Width: 440mm (17.32in); Depth: 350mm (13.78in) plus connectors; Height: 90mm (3.54in)