G91 DH

DVD - Audio / Video Player με ενσωματωμένο Tuner, DSP και Digital Surround Prossecor
Audio inputs:3 x two channel analogue, 2 x digital coax, 2 x digital optical, 1 x internal tuner
Audio outputs:1 x two ch. Analogue, 1 x digital for DSP speakers, 1 x MHR Smart Link for Upgradability
Video inputs:3 x composite and 3 x S-video (configurable as 1 x component and 6 x composite)
Video outputs:1 x composite and 1 x S-video, 1 x component, 1 X HDMI–with on board scaling
Περιλαμβάνει Dolby digital, DTS and DVD-Audio decoding for 5.1 channels

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