Radiance 3

The Radiance 3's are the flagship floorstanding speaker in the Radiance Series.

A full-range 3-way model offering huge power handling and extremely low thermal compression, while remaining detailed, accurate and evenly balanced with all musical genres.The "3's" also form the main front speakers in the Radiance Cinema system, matching perfectly with the Centre, Sub and "1's" to form a formidable 5.1 package (or any configuration you may prefer!)

Engineered by AE to give exceptional performance with music or film.

Belongs to the series: Radiance Series

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Cabinet: 3-way, reflex loaded

Bass Drivers: 160mm pressed alloy

Mid Driver: 130mm pressed alloy

Tweeter: 38mm Neodymium Ring Radiator with DXT

Cabinet: Curved, braced 15mm, MDF carcass

Frequency Response: 40Hz to 45kHz ± 3dB

Power Handling: 200W peak programme

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Sensitivity: 90dB for 1 Watt at 1M

Dimensions: 920 x 230 x 297mm (36.0 x 9.0 x 11.7 inches)

Weight: 18kg (single, unpacked)